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Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for the children in Harford County!

  • Close out:

    • Schedule a meeting with your Board of Directors

    • ​​Review year end reports
    • Transition records to your successor (if applicable)
  • New Year Prep:

    • Schedule a planning meeting with your Board of Directors
      • Review, update, or set long and short term goals
      • Review plans of work
      • ​Draft a budget
  • ​​Does a procedure book exist?  If not, consider creating one using our template.  

​(Our template includes the sample forms pictured on this page)

  • Needed in order to maintain SoCA status.
  • Treasurer can begin final reconciliation of books in preparation for the annual Financial Review
  • It can be completed following receipt of the end of June bank statement.
  • Needs to be completed before 31 October 22.
  • ​Download instructions on how to walk through this process here.
  • Needed in order to maintain SoCA status.
  • Should be completed following elections.
  • HCCPTA will collect and consolidate information.
  • Data will be shared with Free State PTA and National PTA.  Will also be used for HCCPTA news and training updates.
  • Complete the roster using this link!  It can be shared with each PTA officer on your board.

PTA Timeline of Activities and Events

Last updated on 23 Aug 22

Can be started in end of June/July timeframe

End of Year Closeout & New Year Prep