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Send dues for 2020-2021


Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for the children in Harford County!

  • Close out:

    • Schedule a meeting with your Board of Directors

    • ​​Review year end reports
    • Transition records to your successor (if applicable)
  • New Year Prep:

    • Schedule a planning meeting with your Board of Directors
      • Review, update, or set long and short term goals
      • Review plans of work
      • ​Draft a budget
  • ​​Does a procedure book exist?  If not, consider creating one using our template.  

​(Our template includes the sample forms pictured on this page)

  • Needed in order to maintain SoCA status.
  • Treasurer can begin final reconciliation of books in preparation for the annual Financial Review
  • It can be completed following receipt of the end of June bank statement.
  • Needs to be completed before 31 October 21.
  • ​Download instructions on how to walk through this process can be downloaded here.


  • Upload electronic copies of your PTA's 990 postcard, Personal Property submission, Maryland Charitable, Financial review & end-of-year budget vs. actual report through this link or email them to us!
  • Needed in order to maintain SoCA status.
  • Needed in order to maintain SoCA status.
  • Should be completed following elections.
  • HCCPTA will collect and consolidate information.
  • Data will be shared with Free State PTA and National PTA.  Will also be used for HCCPTA news and training updates.
  • Complete the roster using this link!  It can be shared with each PTA officer on your board.

PTA Timeline of Activities and Events

PTA/PTSA Document Upload Form

Last updated on 11 June 21.

​Needs to be completed in June

Can be started in end of June/July timeframe

End of Year Closeout & New Year Prep

  • Needed in order to maintain Standards of Continuing Affiliation (SoCA) status.
  • Insurance needs to be paid by July 1.  
  • A delay in payment will result in a lapse in coverage.  
  • HCPS also tracks for Use of Facilities requests.  
  • Didn't receive an invoice?  Contact AIM!