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HCCPTA Training Modules:

ABCs of Boards

We will give an overview of the responsibilities and duties of all board members.  Learn about annual Standards of Continuing Affiliation and the three (3) fiduciary responsibilities:  Duty of Loyalty, Duty of Care, and Duty of Obedience.

Intro to President/Vice President

We will give an overview of the duties of the President and Vice President with an emphasis on effectively leading the organization cooperatively with other volunteers.  We will cover a high-level understanding of parliamentary procedure, the bylaws, and fiscal responsibilities.  Learn about what is included in a procedure book.

Intro to Membership

Learn about how to build membership and engage with members and the community.  We will discuss the different membership tools available to you as you grow your unit.

Intro to Secretary

We will give an overview of the duties of the Secretary as the custodian of the PTA/PTSA temporary and permanent records.  Learn about how to prepare minutes and correspondence for the organization. 

Intro to Treasurer

We will give an overview of how to make a line item and categorical budget.  Learn about appropriate fundraising activities, money safeguards, maintaining the organization's financial documentation, and the various forms that must be filed with the IRS and State of Maryland.


We will give an overview of the process to amend and update bylaws at least once every three (3) years.  Learn about the importance of understanding and adhering to your organization's bylaws.  


We will give an overview of the PTA Reflections program.  Learn about how to become a PTA Reflections organization, where to retrieve the information for the students, and receive guidance on producing strong entries.

Mandatory Financial Module: 

Mandatory Financial Module

Individuals who complete this training meet the PTA mandatory training requirement and receive a certificate of completion.  A minimum of two (2) board members, one of whom is the treasurer, must complete this training within 180 days of election.

Last Updated: July 29, 2023