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Calling Community Members

Did you know PTA is for...


PTA members are people who have a vested interest in the education, health and well being of all children.  Consider supporting a local PTA unit.  Visit our Local Unit Info page for ways to join and remain informed.

For Local Leaders

Thank you for furthering the mission of PTA in Harford County!  ​

Each member represents a voice and an opportunity for continued involvement each child's educational future.

As a local leader, you are required to be compliant with Free State PTA Standards of Affiliation.  One of the SoA criteria is to keep your officer contact roster up to date!  Another is submit dues.  Our website contains many of the resources you need in maintaining your unit's compliance.

Submit your officer contact information to the county!

Submit your officer contact information to FSPTA.

Last Updated July 13, 2022