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Deadline to HCCPTA:

15 December 2023

Last Updated October 29, 2023

To help get you started:

The Reflections Program allows our students to express themselves through their gifts & talents in the ARTS!!  Each year Maryland students participate in Reflections and produce amazing entries in all six Reflections arts areas.  We are so pleased you have chosen to run this program in your PTA/PTSA and wish your students the best of inspiration and dedication in producing this year’s winning entries.    Any questions can be emailed to the HCCPTA Reflections Chair.

To begin, go to and click on the center of the Reflections home page on “Register Today”.  After registering your PTA, look at the information provided through National PTA.  Please note that the National PTA information is general information, but none of the documents are customized for the Free State PTA Reflections program.  All information on the Free State PTA Reflections Program will be available in the link below:

Special note for Free State PTA entrants: Submissions may not be created using artificial intelligence software (such as ChatGPT,  DALL-E rotor, hotpot AI, deep AI, Craiyon, nightcafe, or other text-to-art software tools) to generate any part of the content or composition.  Content generation, including composition and arrangement, must be the result of student exercise of skills and tools. This does not preclude the use of image painting and editing software such as photoshop, gimp, paint or similar software tools for any entries.

The HCCPTA 2023-2024 Reflections Handbook and appendices provide the information local leaders need to implement the Reflections program in a Harford County local.  Please share this information with your community and others interested in learning more about the Reflections Program.  Local Chairs--please also be in touch with your Council PTA chair and share contact information as soon as you can.