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HCCPTA Positions: What's our process?

Choosing an issue

First answer the following questions:

  • Does the issue fit within PTA's purposes and mission?
  • If Maryland or National PTA have taken a position, is the issue aligned with that position?
  • How does the issue concern children and youth in the school and/or community?
  • What is the desired outcome?
  • Can the issue be understood by those within and outside of the PTA?

If all of these are answered in the affirmative, proceed to "Researching the issue."

Researching the issue

Obtain as much background information as possible:

  • Find as many sources of information about the issue as possible.
  • Identify the arguments for and against the issue.
  • Identify issue supporters and those who are against it.
  • Conduct surveys and opinion polls in the community.

If the research supports a strong PTA position, proceed to "Communicating the issue."

Communicating the issue

Raise awareness of the issue by conducting an effective communications campaign by using the following strategies:

  • Design a strong, memorable message.
  • Reach out to members with the message via newsletters, membership meetings, and social media.
  • Survey members to gain their perspectives.
  • Reach out to the community with the message.
  • Mobilize community support by building coalitions.

Legislative Engagement

Being a part of the Legislative Committee is an opportunity for representatives from local units to gather in an informal setting to discuss important issues that are hot topics in our school communities.

PTA is nonpartisan and does not endorse candidates for public office.

PTA Membership can direct a PTA to advocate on behalf of the students. 

PTA Membership can direct a PTA to take a position on legislative issues.

Last updated October 29, 2023


By joining the PTA, you are indicating your commitment to advocating by adding your voice to the numbers of dedicated parents and teachers in a school PTA, council PTA, state PTA, and National PTA.

HCCPTA Resolutions

  • School Construction Funding, 10/20/2009 (.pdf) 

  • Community Learning Centers, 10/21/2004 (.pdf)

  • School Recess, 10/21/2004 (.pdf)

  • Education Technology, 8/3/2003 (.pdf)

  • Teacher Quality, 8/3/2003 (.pdf)

  • HCPS Field Trips, 6/8/2003 (.pdf)

  • Safety and Welfare Issues concerning Students in HCPS Buildings and Relocatable Classrooms, 11/8/2001 (.pdf)

  • Overcrowded Conditions of HCPS, 11/8/2001 (.pdf)

  • Class Size Reduction Efforts, 11/6/2001 (.pdf)

  • Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Plan, 11/27/2000 (.pdf)