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Last Updated 6 October 21

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Do I need to do anything to keep my PTA status?

No.  Nothing additional is required from local units to maintain your PTA status.  Each unit is still required to fulfill the annual State of Maryland and IRS requirements to maintain Standards of Affiliation Compliance.

I have heard that I am required to pay an annual fee in order to keep my EIN.  Is this true?

National PTA has informed us that local units ARE NOT required to pay an annual fee in order to retain the unit's EIN if they choose to remain a PTA.  

Can our local unit be a member of both the new state PTA and the rebranded Alliance organization?  

No.  A local unit cannot be a member of both a PTA and non-PTA parent organization.  If a local unit decides not to remain a PTA, it should be documented as a vote in the general membership meeting minutes.

Does HCCPTA have a position on whether our unit should stay a PTA?

Yes!  Download a copy of the HCCPTA BoD Position in Favor of Remaining PTAs during State Restructure (March 2021).

I am still receiving emails from the former state association.  What should I do?

This statement was distributed by the National PTA Support Team:

​Use of PTA Information. We are aware that many are concerned that they continue to receive emails from the former state PTA leaders, now under the name, The Alliance for Maryland Parents, Teachers, & Students. While we pursue trademark violations, the power to stop their access to you is in your hands. You may, if you choose:

  1. Unsubscribe from the distribution list
  2. Follow the instructions from their communication platform, Constant Contact, Inc., and report the unwarranted use of your information. More information can be found​​ on the Constant Contact Website.
  3. Consider using the following statement, if reporting abuse:  "National PTA is the owner of multiple trademarks—Including but not limited to PTA, PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION, PTSA, PARENT TEACHER STUDENT ASSOCIATION, CONGRESS OF PARENTS AND TEACHERS, REFLECTIONS— and grants license to use those trademarks and the related logos only by those organizations directly affiliated with the National PTA. This group is not affiliated with National PTA, has been notified to cease and desist, and is considered as willfully violating use of National PTA trademarks."

Our local unit needs assistance.  Is HCCPTA able to help?

As long as you choose to remain a PTA, HCCPTA is here to support! 

Where should I send my State and Local Dues?​​


Download the National & State PTA Dues Remittance Form

What about elections?  Is there a National PTA guide that we should be using to help us with elections during this process?

​Yes!  The National PTA support team just released this updated elections guide.

Has the National PTA Support Team released any additional information that we can use as a reference?

Yes!  Download the support team's frequently asked questions (FAQ) info sheet.​  We've also included a link where you can access the National PTA Support Team statement on the Alliance for Maryland Parents and Teachers (formerly MDPTA).