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Who We Are

The Harford County Council of PTAs, Inc. was established in 1939 as a federation of PTAs in Harford County.   read more


National PTA has defined advocacy as the act of mobilizing individuals and local PTAs to work with Maryland PTA and National PTA to improve programs and policies that benefit our youth.  read more

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Founders Day 

February 21, 2019

2018 Founder's Day


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Aletha "Renee" DeBiase, President

Sandra Monaco, First VP

Lora Pangratz, Second VP

Amy Jahnigen, VP of Legislation

Erin Hayden-Venturelli, VP of Membership 

Bruce O. Butz, Treasurer

Robert J. Reschly, Jr., Secretary 

Laura Runyeon, Board of Education Representative

VACANT, Principal's Representative, HCPA

Michelle Bowditch, Teacher's Representative, HCEA

VACANT, Student Representative


Carrie Jareed, Audit Chair

Lynn Faulkner, Awards Chair

Robert J. Reschly, Jr., ​Bylaws Chair

Carrie Jareed, Hospitality Chair

VACANT, Local PTA Liaison 

Carol Ellis, Reflections Chair

Bruce O. Butz, Scholarship Chair

Harford County Council PTA 2018-2020 Board of Directors

HCCPTA serves as a link between the local PTAs, Maryland PTA, and National PTA. In this capacity, we:


  • Provide background information on issues affecting children and youth
  • Present an annual Legislative Night during which parents and teachers have the opportunity to interact and get to know our local and state elected officials
  • Provide leadership training workshops for local PTA officers and committee chairs
  • Assist in the formation of new PTAs
  • Maintain a directory of all PTAs in Harford County
  • Publish the HCCPTA newsletter
  • Mobilize PTA membership throughout the county on county-wide, state, and national issues affecting children and youth
  • Testify before the School Board, the County executive, and County Council
  • Present prioritized county-wide educational budgetary concerns to the School Board and County Council
  • Adopt positions on proposed state legislation and work with our elected officials in Annapolis
  • Work with HCPS to provide parent representatives for task forces, study groups, and committees, and disseminate information about changes in the school system, school board policies, and state actions
  • Support the local PTA units individually and as a whole
  • Coordinate the National Reflections program throughout the county

Welcome to the Harford County Council of PTAs!

Build PTA Success Through 
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Next Training- January 10, 2019

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