Welcome to the Harford County Council of PTAs!

Goal I.  We will lead unified efforts to advocate and support legislation at the local, state and national levels for the needs of all children.  This will be accomplished through the coordination and prioritization of local unit’s concerns and needs.  Issues will be presented to the full council in an expedient and unified manner utilizing local unit input.  Council must obtain approval of the local units for recommended priorities and actions.

Goal II.
 We will be a clear, positive and cohesive support resource for local units.  This will be accomplished by providing initial and ongoing training and support at the council and local levels for parents, students, teachers, and the community in the areas of advocacy, leadership, and legislation.

Goal III. 
We will communicate relevant information in a timely manner.  This will be accomplished by utilizing communication tools – emphasizing website, email, newsletter, courier, and social networks.

Goal IV. 
We will notify all local units of every opportunity to represent HCCPTA within the organization and throughout the community.  This will be accomplished through the written notification of vacancy opportunities to local unit presidents in a timely manner with a response requested.  A list of interested persons will be reviewed and selections will be published.

Goal V.
 We will prioritize the council budget according to the HCCPTA goals and objectives.

Goal VI.  We will advocate for increased involvement in PTA.  This will be accomplished by recruiting additional local units and providing tools to aid all Harford County local units in increasing PTA membership.

Goal I.  We will participate in at least two countywide events throughout the year.

Goal II.  We will assign concerns to appropriate individuals for research, reporting, and resolution.

Goal III.  We will continue to improve communications in a timely manner through:

  • Written and electronic notice of meeting times, dates, and locations to Board of Directors, local representatives, and other relevant parties
  • Newsletters
  • Public relations
  • Meetings with the Superintendent of Harford County Public Schools
  • Mentoring local officers
  • Refreshing our web presence
  • Social Media
  • Organizing and participating in virtual meetings and trainings during the social restrictions of 2020-2021

Goal IV.  We will strengthen advocacy by increasing our presence in the community through:

  • Joining/participating in/with area organizations
  • Appointing representatives to BOE/HCPS and community liaison positions
  • Increasing membership
  • Presenting HCCPTA and/or Board of Directors’ position statements at public forums

Goal V.  We will strengthen leadership relationships with locals by:

  • Mentoring local officers.
  • Continuing local unit outreach
  • Providing team building opportunities
  • Providing training sessions and information resources
  • Encouraging and fostering diversity and inclusion efforts throughout PTA

Goal VI.  We will impact the legislative process by:

  • Increasing awareness of the importance of participating in the local, county, and state government process 
  • Increasing knowledge and participation in legislative and educational issues as identified by HCCPTA and its membership
  • Providing post legislative wrap-up via meetings, newsletter, and/or other electronic and social media

Goal VII. We will strengthen teacher and administrator awareness and participation in PTA.

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The Harford County Council of PTAs, Inc. serves 49 local PTAs and their 40,000 students, families, staff, and community members.

Established in 1939, the Harford County Council of PTAs serves as a resource for local PTA leaders in Harford County. Our mission is to provide guidance, support, and training through advocacy based activities to all local PTA leaders. We serve as a liaison between the local unites and Maryland PTA

HCCPTA is a 100% volunteer-based organization. We partner with Harford County Public Schools (HCPS) and seek parent representatives for task forces and committee. Through our website, Facebook page and email, we provide school system information and state actions. We encourage community participation in HCPS workshops and events, HCPS Board of Education, Harford County Council and County Executive meetings. 


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