PTA is a nonprofit organization.

PTAs take positions on legislative issues.

PTA is nonpartisan and does not endorse candidates for public office.

HCCPTA Resolutions

School Construction Funding, 10/20/2009 (.doc)(.pdf) 

Community Learning Centers, 10/21/2004 (.doc)(.pdf)

School Recess, 10/21/2004


Education Technology, 8/3/2003


Teacher Quality, 8/3/2003


HCPS Field Trips, 6/8/2003


Safety and Welfare Issues concerning Students in HCPS Buildings and Relocatable Classrooms, 11/8/2001


Overcrowded Conditions of HCPS, 11/8/2001 (.doc)(.pdf)

Class Size Reduction Efforts, 11/6/2001


Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Plan, 11/27/2000 


Join the Legislative Committee

All local PTA/PTSA legislative chairs are encouraged to be a part of the HCCPTA Legislative Committee.

Being a part of the Legislative Committee is an opportunity for representatives from local units to gather in an informal setting to discuss important issues that are hot topics in our school communities.

Position statements and resolutions can be developed for presentation and adoption at HCCPTA Council meetings, thereby establishing a united voice for all local units. Meetings will be scheduled as common local unit needs are identified.

Legislative Positions: How do we do it?

Choosing how an issue is addressed

After determining the issue, as the following questions:

  • Does the issue fit within PTA's purposes and mission?
  • How does the issue concern children and youth in the school and/or community?
  • What is the desired outcome?
  • Can the issue be understood by those within and outside of the PTA?
  • Is the issue a winner?

Researching the issue

Obtain as much background information as possible:

  • Find as many sources of information about the issue as possible.
  • Identify the arguments for and against the issue.
  • Identify issue supporters and those who are against it.
  • Conduct surveys and opinion polls in the community.

Communicating the issue

Create a buzz around the issue by conducting an effective communications campaign by using the following strategies:

  • Design a strong, memorable message.
  • Reach out to members with the message via newsletters and membership meetings.
  • Survey members to gain their perspectives.
  • Reach out to the community with the message.
  • Mobilize community support by building coalitions.


We may advocate for our own children by participating in parent-teacher conferences. However, by joining the PTA, you are indicating your commitment to advocating by adding your voice to the numbers of dedicated parents and teachers in a school PTA, council PTA, state PTA, and National PTA.

For more than a hundred years, PTA has been working "to secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth."

Local PTAs must follow HCCPTA, Maryland PTA, and National PTA positions. Local PTAs may not work in opposition to those positions. Additionally, local PTAs may make their own decisions on an issue provided that HCCPTA, Maryland PTA, or National PTA has not taken a position on that issue and that the issue is aligned with the purposes of the PTA.

Goals of the HCCPTA Legislative Committee

  • Communicate important advocacy/legislative issues with all local units through the newsletter, emails, informal meetings, and visits to local units
  • Attend Board of Education meetings, reporting all policy changes and other actions that might affect the students of Harford County
  • Develop and maintain a professional relationship with legislators, county officials, school officials, and school biard members throughout the year.
  • Coordinate HCCPTA Legislative Forum.
  • Represent HCCPTA on the Maryland PTA Legislative Committee.
  • Promote Maryland PTA Night in Annapolis, coordinate transportation, and increase local unit participation.
  • Increase local unit participation in the Permanent Nominating Caucus.
  • Increase local unit participation in advocating for local and county needs by establishing a Legislative Committee.
  • Provide local units with information on how to speak to appropriate decision makers on their concerns as a united front, and with opportunities to speak to appropriate decision makers. 



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