•To cope with an underfunded school system, Harford County Public Schools is on track to eliminate an additional 100 teacher and administrator positions next year, bringing the total positions lost over the last 10 years to more than 550. Other Maryland school systems are adding teachers, administrators, and school psychologists. [Source #5]

•Average elementary school class size in Harford County Public Schools is 33.4 versus the average across the State of Maryland of 21.3. [Source #4]

•Harford County ranks at the bottom of all Maryland Counties (24 out of 24) for the amount of money spent per student on education. [Source #1]

•Harford County has the 5th highest property tax rate and the 9th highest income tax rate out of 24 counties. [Sources #2 & 3]


Response from Harford County Executive Glassman with rebuttal provided by Fallston PTA Advocacy Team. 

What Can I Do?

Ask Harford County Decision Makers to FUND the Board of Education Budget Request

Email County Executive Glassman countyexecutive@harfordcountymd.gov

Email County Council


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National PTA has defined advocacy as the act of mobilizing individuals and local PTAs to work with Maryland PTA and National PTA to improve programs and policies that benefit our youth.  read more

Ask the County Executive to fund Harford County Public Schools $15 million more than last year to keep our public schools afloat. Over the last 10 years, extreme cost saving measures have  resulted in larger class sizes, teacher and staff reduction and valuable program loss. It’s time to stop the cuts and fund the budget! 

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